The Morning View from the hotel window
The Morning View from the hotel window
Is it not literally the concrete jungle ?
Busy Streets
Fast and Van
Dhoom Macha Le....
Mango and the light
The Green Leaf
I wonder what this guy is more interested in
The Cold Lemon
And the pomegranate
Trust me they are cooked
The Street side KFC
Wonderful Ceiling
The beautiful light
Greens and more
I want to have this type of ceiling one day
The building looks fatty
For a second I thought this is MUMBAI BSE Building
This guy was playing along side metro station and it was such a treat to listen to him
Bangalore Roads are not like this even in the mid night
These guys are using a scale to drive and create a straight line
That's my Hotel
That's another one
The ray of Traffic
Had this been Bangalore, I wouldn't have got the long exposure shot like this
I bet you won't get this at 9 pm in any big city in India
This is quite similar to Bangalore's MG Road
Such a wonderful place to propose your girlfriend
That's my attempt to natural superimposition
The glittering city
The glittering city
The glittering City
The Glittering City
The glittering city
Thank you!

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